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How to do a water triple with one person and two boats
Written by Michelle Linnane

 When I have only had one other person to train with, we have been able to do a water triple with two canoes and two max5000.

We place the Max5000 in the canoe and place a chair with a white coat. The other gunner in a separate canoe  tows  the canoe and max  to were you want the mark. We  anchor the canoe there and  do a test throw to make  sure we know the bumper is landing in the right spot. Once we are satisfied with the mark the other gunner in the canoe goes to the station they will throw from.  Sometime we have another remote on the shore or we hand throw  the go bird. We use the max the canoe as the  second  bird down.
I very often have the person in the canoe throw first, then I trigger the max in the canoe and then will hand throw or have a second remote on the shore and we have  a water triple with two boats and I can retire the one gun without a problem. Sometime we don't bother to place a white coat in the canoe and use it as a retired gun.

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