How to use camo umbrellas more when training.
                Written by Michelle Linnane
 This may seem a little stupid but here goes. I always like everybody in the field to have a camo umbrella.
Everyone using a camo umbrella to retire behind. But they can also used as a training aid and be used to
teach a marking queue.

Example 1
                                                                                  X                                                        X
                                                Gun 2                                                         Gun 3

                                           Gun 1

Making the long marks easier to see
Very often we run our young dogs on the older dog setups. We very  often train on very tight,  tight,
marks which are not really always good to run with a puppy or young dog. And the guns are almost
inline with each other it makes it very hard for a young dog to look by the person standing in white in
front of their noses.   And it could be too much for a young dog to look by the short Gun 1. Now you
can do a few things like take the gun out the field or move the gun station so it is not in the view  of the
other mark Gun 2. Also you can have the long gun keephollaring until they have the dogs attention.
But what I found it is easier is to just have the person at Gun 1 station to sit down and
cover up with a camo umbrella.

Teach a young dog marking queues
 When I teaching a puppy verbal queues such as the queue  "mark" I will have someone cover up with the umbrella.
So when I say the word "mark" they open the umbrella and the gunner appears. The dog quickly learns when they
hear the word  "mark" or "watch it"   it is associated with the gun.

Using the umbrella
 Once my puppies have the mechanics of a mark. They will go out pick up the bumper and
come running back with out me having to call them. There is no hesitation about picking up the bumper
and coming right back in. It must be a habit. I will start doing  retired gun bird singles with my puppies.
Of course this is in short grass and they can see the bumper almost all the way. If I have any trouble the gun
will uncover immediately.
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