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   Sample on training notes what do you record? 
             Written by Michelle Linnane

When training what notes are important? This is a question everyone is interested in. Here are some examples of what I record and how I do it. This might be a way for you to record your training.
Hope this gives you some ideas.

Two different things I use 

I have a monthly summary and then a more detail per day of what I do. Here is an example of the per day training notes.

Keeping writing to a minimum
 I have things on a form and highlight many things as I don't have a lot of time. I think it is very important to keep track of what location and who  you trained with. Also I keep track
if I used birds shot flyers, and boat marks. Also I like to keep
track of how many marks and blinds my dogs run.

   Also I apprev.  many things
CC (Collar Correction)
SRG (Short Retired Gun)
LRG (Long Retried Gun)
MM  (Multiple Marks)
PBB ( Poison Bird Blinds)
WBS (Water Blinds Multiple)
LB      (Land Blind)
WB     (Water Blind)
WM    (Water Marks)
LM      (Land Marks)

Draw out the test
I have placed to draw the test if I feel I need to. Sometimes I draw out the test and some times I don't. training session. This comes in handy if I feel I need to repeat this test again.

Keeping track of Attitude
Also one of the most important things is to keep track of the dogs attitude. If the dog's attitude slips you need to look and see why. My dogs generally are at E, G and occasional F.When it slips below G I start to ease up and make things simple I also reduce the amount blinds and multiple marks.     
Attitude E G F P VP
E  Excellent  (things are great)
G Good  (things are ok)
F  Fair   (time to worry and ease up)
P   Poor  (time to look back and see what is going on stop all blinds)
VP Very Poor   (Too Late, Give the dog time off, go talk to someone who knows more than you)

General comments on training
I also have a place I write down how my dogs did in generally, If we did a short retired bird and the dogs did terrible this is something I need to work on more. Or if there line manners are bad I need to maybe work on some obedience or wagon wheel drills or something. If this is a test I need to repeat here is were I document that.
Example of one day training:
In generally all the dogs did well on short retired and long retired.

Monthly Summary
On the monthly  calendar I use that  keep from over using a place. Also I like to keep totals on the amount
of marks and blinds  Let's talk about my monthly summary for my training in  August.
August summary
Total Marks 88 Total Blinds 40    Boat Marks 7X
LB26 WB14  LM43 WM 45  Shot Flyers 8 Times
As  you can see I  do  many more marks then blinds. These are the stats for my older dogs (open) not my younger dogs. In generally my young dogs get three times the marks that my older dogs do.To have good atttitude on blinds you have to do a ton of marks. Also I try and shot flyers for my dogs at least twice a week when I can that many people together. 
 The monthly summary keeps me from using the same place too much. If you see the monthly summary in front of you, hopefully you will not over use the same place too much.  

Michelle Linnane
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