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Pre Trial Drill.
 Written by Michelle Linnane

This was a drill we did at the Andy Attar Workshop held by Field Trial Catalogs, in July 2003 in Carlisie NY. Andy called it a pre trial  drill.  The field we ran this in was long and narrow so we did not do a triple but Andy said he often does this as a triple.  

Most advanced setup
We started this test with my dog Bud. He is 7 1/2 year old CAFC running open and amateur. We did this the most difficult way with Bud. First the Pheasant flyer was shot from left to right. The bird landed tight to the line to blind 2. After being given a number I ran blind 2. There was
a great deal of suction to the flyer. After I ran blind 2, the short retired gun was shot and I was given a number. At that point I ran blind 1. After doing the second blind,  I ran the double, picking up the short retired gun first. After getting the short gun I sent for the flyer. I thought this drill was a great way to train on a short retired gun. Also I loved the idea of using the flyer as posion bird, but still use it as a lead out bird for a short retired gun.

Next level in the setup
The next dog I ran was my qualifing dog Foxy. We shot the flyer and I picked up the flyer with her then I ran blind 1. Then the retired gun bird was thrown next and a bumper or bird was thrown off
the line to give the gun a chance to retire. Now the flyer station is still visible. I picked up the retired gun bird and then ran blind 2. I still got to work on short retired gun, also I got the concept of doing
blinds behind the flyer station  and also going by the flyer area.


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