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Pattern Blinds
       Written by Michelle Linnane

Let me say that I am a big believer in pattern blinds. I have at least 4 or 5 set of pattern blinds set up in my different training areas. You may not need this many but as gas is so expensive when I am in a
certain area training and I want to do pattern blinds I dont have to drive another 1/2 hour some place to run my pattern blinds. I like to run pattern blinds at least once a week. It gives the dogs momentum
and helps their lining skills. This is kind of old fashion but I really believe that patterns blinds are still important in today's training.

                                                          250 yds
160yds         Gun1                                                                                              160yds
Blind1                                                                    x                                           Blind3


  I dont pay much attention to wind directions when I do pattern blinds once the dogs know the blinds. Once the dog know the patterns blinds add guns, dry shots, and posion birds to your pattern blinds.
Also I like to add guns as I get casting practice in and also practice  lining behind guns. Marks add momentum on blinds, so long as you dont go crazy and burn the dog. If your dog is a little apprehensive
throw a mark from Gun 1 go out and pick up the mark. Now the dog is loosened up and then send for blind1. Your method here is teaching and your tools are to move up.  If your dog is worried or will not look out move up. Don't be afraid to teach!!!  This  is no place for testing when you think you are going to have trouble move up.

This is when I start poison birds on my pattern blind field. I have already introduced posion birds on my double T by throwing a bumper to the side the dog just came back in with and saying leave it and then
sending for the back pile. Judy Rasmuson wrote and article that is on called Teaching young dogs about poison birds without whips and chains.

Also I like to have dry shots in my pattern field. But once the dog knows the pattern blinds. This also gives momentum on blinds. If you are alone when doing pattern blinds use a max 5000 or a bumperboy if you have
one. Just don't load the bumpers on either of the machines and you have instant dry pops. Use an IVAN and you have a gunner.


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