How IVANS can help your training
Written by Michelle Linnane

Add more people to a flyer station.
 When we shoot flyers we never have enough people to make the station look like a real flyer station. So
so I will place and 2 Ivan out there so it looks like a real flyer station with 3 people.

Using remotes
  Most of the people I train with often us some type of thrower or remote for the go bird. Most
of the time people just set the remote out there and don't  place anything by it.  I feel  you are not using
this opportunity to train on making your dog look by a short gun.  I am not worried about the dog not
seeing the gun, but I am trying to train on looking by a short gun.

Running blinds with guns in the field
  I use my IVANS anytime I am by myself, to run by a gun on blinds especially,  my pattern blinds. I often
drag out two bird crates and three IVANs to make the station look like a flyer station and then
run my blinds.

IVANS in a blind
 I sometimes place my IVANS in a holding blind so that only the tops are visible from the line. They are
about 200 yards away from the line and then I run three blinds about 300 or 350 yards.

An IVAN that does not nothing
 If I have a dog that is giving me a hard time about looking long past a short gun I place an IVAN in the
field short (15 yards) and just don't throw anything from it.  I don't make a habit of this but I don't feel it
will hurt anything. I have never had a dog that could not pick out a close mark.

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