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Concept Marks

     Written by Michelle Linnane

                             Gun 1                X                           Gun 2             X                            Gun 3                  X

Line 1
                                           Line 2                            Line 3
                                           easier                             easiest
Triple from line 1
Different ways to do a inline triple. You can always do this set of marks from an angle that makes pulling out the middle bird difficult such as line 1.

Singles from line 1
You can also use and inline triple as singles from line 1 to teach young dogs to go by old falls. When doing singles have all gun stand with a bird in their hand.

Double from line 2
From line 2  for a young dog you can do gun 1 and gun 3 as a double. Leaving the middle bird for last as  a single.

Triple from line 2
For young dogs using this configuration you do some easy triples. Example you can shoot the triple off Gun 3, Gun 1, the go being Gun 2. Next pickup Gun 1 and last Gun 3. The hard bird in this triple in my opinion is the middle bird so do that as the go bird. When you send the dog for Gun 1 you now getting a little short bird
training. Then when you send for Gun 3 you are having them go by and old fall Gun 2. Also you can do a triple from line 2 shot off Gun 3, Gun 2, Gun 1. Pick them up in reverse order, (Gun 1,
Gun 2, Gun 3)

All the same marks can be done from line 3 and they are easier then line 2.

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