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Working on going by a flyer
  Written by Michelle Linnane

I have always felt that one of the most difficult things for a dog to do is to learn to go by an old fall. Espically a flyer when the long gun is retired. This was a test I did with Rick Millheim last  summer
and I thought it was very clever way of breaking down as a double and teaching  the dogs.

 Now if you  want  to test the dog do this test as a triple and retire both Gun 1 and Gun 3 and have the flyer down last.
 Do Gun 3 and flyer as double. Pick up the flyer but don't pick up Gun 3. Then do Gun 1 and Gun 3 as a double. Now the dog has seen the long retired bird down twice. Also you have the suction from the flyer but not the push like you do if you just picked it up. Also you are getting good short bird training and it would not  be  hard to go back to the flyer on either one of these marks.  I have always liked this test as you get suction from flyer on both sides.
 A more difficult way to do singles on this test, (in my opinion) Gun 3 and go by the flyer before they have picked up a bird. Also I like the idea of making they watch a long bird go to the ground with
the flyer that close in the picture.  Then I would then do the flyer and then the short gun. To make a little easier I would do the Gun 1 first then the flyer and last would be the Gun 3.



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