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Land Blinds
       Written by Michelle Linnane

   When I train I always try and do my land blinds first. The dogs are excited and eager to get out. Also I can gear my marks for each dog if they need to have more then their normal success. Also I don't like to put a dog away on a blind, most of the time I don't have much trouble, but I make it a habit to end
on a good note. Also I always do at least 3 or 4 blinds with each blind I try and make them more difficult. Such as running into a cross wind. Dogs learn with repetition.
                                          225yds                                                         275yds
                                          Blind 2                                                          Blind 3

125 yds
Blind 1                                                                                            /\
Line1            Line2                    Line3

From line 1 the blinds are the most difficult. But the wind is so that blind1 is down wind, blind 2 is a litte cross wind and blind 2 is dead cross wind being the most difficult. If I have a dogs out of basics finished double T and pattern blinds I start at line 3. As the dogs get more experience I move to line 2 and then to line 1.

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